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Carine Michel of Deloitte Canada interviews Microsoft and Maluuba

AI is a topic of interest for almost every organization today - whether they are developing it, adopting it, or determining how it will impact the future state of their business. Deloitte Quebec Consulting leader Carine Michel sits down with Alec Saunders of Microsoft and Mohamed Musbah of Maluuba to discuss practical applications of AI today as well as the long term impact of AI on our economy.

Alec covered key use cases that we would not typically expect of AI, such as a company using an AI to observe offshore resources trained in basic stock trading and switching off live trading from their platform depending on market conditions.

When asked whether or not we should be afraid of AI due to an alarming statistic Carine relayed that by the end of the decade, 16% of jobs will be replaced by AI, Mohamed and Alec shared similar perspectives. Mohamed relayed that we absolutely should be afraid, and with that we need to start considering what we will do to accommodate humans and humanity in general when this happens - like introducing basic income. Alec relayed that we have gone through every major technological shift thus far, and while there has been the elimination of some jobs - like with the emergence of Cloud and its effect on IT administrators, we will be able to get through this one as well.

Carine Michel de Deloitte Canada s'entretient avec Microsoft et Maluuba

L'IA est un sujet d'intérêt pour presque toutes les organisations aujourd'hui, soient elles le développent, l'adoptent ou déterminent comment elle aura un impact sur le futur de leur entreprise. Carine Michel, leader de la consultation de Deloitte au Québec, s’est entretenue avec Alec Saunders de Microsoft et Mohamed Musbah de Maluuba pour discuter des applications pratiques de l'IA aujourd'hui ainsi que de l'impact à long terme de l'IA sur notre économie.


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