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Jun 8, 2017

ICYMI: Day 1 #XFIN Recap

In true Singularity fashion, attendees were treated to visionary perspectives backed by stats and facts we may be overlooking amid vast digital transformation.

Below are some of the highlights our FutureFin team gathered live off the floor for you.

1. Algorithms are affecting the way in which we approach day-to-day tasks.

2. Have you considered the contrasts between IQ and AQ? AI says you should.

3. Digital assistants are making their way onto our workflow. Imagine how this might affect financial advisors and delivery of services.

3. Blockchain use cases are finding their way through many industries outside of finance - healthcare, education and even retail.

What not to miss on Day 2

A reminder that you can catch the live stream right here in FutureFin on our homepage.

Also a must see is Nigel Walsh who will discuss the future of wealth management as well as how to get to the most vital strategies when adopting new business behaviours amid this age of disruption.

A primer to get you acquainted on how to adopt these new behaviours to accommodate changing consumer experiences:

See you on the floor and here in! There's more to come.


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