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Here is your Canada Fintech Forum Day 2 Recap

The second day of the Canada Fintech Forum was welcomed with opening remarks by CEO of Finance Montreal Louis Levesque announcing that this year’s Forum was the most successful and largest of its kind in Canada with well over 1,500 ecosystem players present and ready to collaborate. The highlight of this year was the introduction of the Deloitte Technozone that provided participants with immersive and interactive experiences from numerous technologies grounded in AI, Blockchain, and Analytics. He continued to indicate the success achieved in Day 1 in not only promoting Fintech entrepreneurship, rather the ongoing success that will be achieved with the CDPQ/Desjardins $75M Fintech fund created to support and grow the ecosystem.

La deuxième journée du Forum Fintech Canada a débuté par un mot d’ouverture de Louis Lévesque, PDG de Finance Montréal, annonçant que le Forum de cette année fut le plus réussi et le plus important en son genre au Canada, avec plus de 1 500 acteurs de l'écosystème présents et prêts à collaborer. Le point culminant de cette édition a été l'introduction de la Zone Techno Deloitte qui a offert aux participants des expériences immersives et interactives avec de nombreuses technologies basées sur l’intelligence artificielle, le Blockchain et l’analytique. M. Lévesque est revenu sur le succès de la première journée, non seulement pour la promotion de l'entrepreneuriat, mais aussi en démontrant le succès continu qui sera atteint pour assurer la croissance et le développement de l’écosystème avec le Fonds Fintech de 75 M $ créé par la CDPQ et Desjardins.


1. Sadia Halim of BNP Americas talks disruption with AI in Financial Services

2. Robert Dawkins, Partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP moderates a panel on smart contracts and financial services to understand possible financial applications and widespread adoption of the technology with Blockchain expert panelists

3. Mark Boyajian, CGI's President of Canadian operations discusses the scope for intelligent automation in banking

4. A fireside chat I had with Chadi Habib, EVP of Information Technology and Martin Brunelle, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Desjardins Group on why Fintech is important to them and how the Fintech fund they have co-launched will impact the ecosystem

5. Microsoft and Maluuba take the stage to discuss the reality of AI in today's market and the untapped potential of an industry worth Billions

6. Carine Michel of Deloitte Canada takes the stage with Microsoft and Maluuba to discuss the practical applications of AI today and the long term impact on our economy

7. Last, but certainly not least, Peter Diamandis appeared in hologram to present his closing remarks for the conference by enforcing the importance and impact of exponential technologies on our businesses and the role we play in enacting global impact

Canada Fintech Forum is the forum for Fintech in Canada. This conference brought together key ecosystem players to share learnings and develop meaningful relationships that will help to grow and advance the Fintech and emerging technology ecosystem.

Until next year!


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