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Jun 9, 2017

Here is Your #XFIN Day 2 Recap

The SU stage once again welcomed a morning session with Peter Diamandis who braved a round of Ask Me Anything. Throughout his talk and responses Diamandis, in his Abundance-inspired form, illustrated the potential/opportunities we posses through technology to solve the world's biggest challenges.

Other highlights included:

1. John Hagel's discussion on scalable learning.

2. Lisa Kay Solomon's track on nvesting in disruptive innovation.

3. The dynamic duo David Roberts and Salim Ismail also made appearance today.

XFIN guests were treated to the insights of tech expert David Roberts

Both Roberts and Ismail shared their uncensored perspectives on the rate of disruption we're faced with. To the delight and awe of XFIN attendees, both seasoned speakers unpacked topics revolving around the pace at which we've evolved as well as the risks and opportunities that come with such progress.

4. I had the pleasure of chatting about InsureTech with Nigel Walsh of Deloitte UK.

See you tomorrow for the big XFIN wrap up. The FutureFin team will be on the ground bringing you more key takeaways from our industry thought leaders.


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