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Jun 8, 2017

In this exponential world, how can you turn pressure into opportunities? John Hagel walked us through three key steps in this morning's session.

First, we need to redefine strategy. Instead of laying out a five-year plan, we should be taking a "zoom out, zoom in" approach. Zoom out and ask, "what kind of company do we need to be in 10 to 20 years?" Then zoom in and identify a few business initiatives and resources that will be needed to drive the company toward that future. We no longer can be reactive when it comes to strategy. Focus is critical.

Next, we need to rethink innovation. Have you ever thought about why we have large organizations? In the past, the answer was scalable efficiency. But now the answer lies in scalable learning. Scalable efficiency does not leave room for experimentation and innovation, whereas scalable learning encourages this way of thinking.

Finally, we need to refocus transformation. Companies tend to take the conventional "top down, Big Bang" approach when it comes to transformation. But with this exponential future, we should be thinking about a "scaling edges" approach by identifying a promising edge of the business and focusing on scaling that edge as quickly as possible.


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