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General Manager of IBM Canada pitches Innovation Garages for FI’s to Power Digital innovation

Claude Guay indicates that rate of transformation is no longer linear. Innovation Garages are good accelerators for exponential leaping when introducing AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and more. It helps removes the barriers and silos to innovate and transform. You cannot be truly disruptive when you are tinkering to innovate. We have become too short term focused as 'cash is king'.

Also, FI incumbents are inherently risk averse...not very good for a Fintech trying to make a pitch. The Innovation Garage can help address the lack of acceleration by using Design Thinking to test thousands of ideas! Sounds like the Deloitte Greenhouse. It’s good to know that our Canadian concept is being emulated across the world!

Further reading below on the IBM Blumix Garage below.


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