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Oct 10, 2017

Claude Guay on The Digital Reinvention of Finance with Innovation Garages

Claude Guay, General Manager of Global Business Services at IBM speaks to the importance of leveraging of the ecosystem to advance innovation in the Canadian market. He highlights 3 great examples of Fintechs: WealthSimple, eSignLive, and Sensibill who have been driving the Canadian Fintech market with Wealthsimple reaching $1B in assets under management this year.

How do we work with the ecosystem? Claude introduces the importance of launching an innovation garage within an organization. This model introduces a collaborative, scalable and rapid engagement model to develop, test, and deploy transformation solutions enabled by emerging technologies. This model can serve as a sandbox for innovation, can apply rigor, and bring partners of the ecosystem together. Imagine an innovation garage with regulators, Fintechs, and incumbents working together to address challenges in each realm. A successful garage employs the mentality of learning fast and continuously improving in a safe environment. A great example is KraftHeinz which has launched a great innovation garage and can be used as an example to set one up for your organization.

How to do this? A Deloitte Greenhouse session will help kick the tires of innovation within any organization and help you get mobilized for the rapidly evolving industry.


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