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Panel Discussion on smart contracts in FSI and the transactional application of Blockchain

Robert Dawkins, Partner at Borden Ladner Gervais, moderated a Panel discussion with a number of experts. The distinguished experts included Iliana Oris Valiente (ColliderX and former co-founder Rubix by Deloitte), Kris Hansen (Portag3 Ventures), Igor Lilic (ConsenSys), Francis Pouliot (Catallaxy), and Soumak Chatterjee (Payments and Blockchain Deloitte Canada). The possible financial applications of smart contracts seem unlimited and is transforming how transactions can be securely and legally carried out. The panel went through the ups and downs. One thing for sure, like the internet, it will have endless possibilities and those that understand it best will be successful in gaining competitive advantage!

Soumak Chatterjee, lead of Deloitte Canada's Blockchain group gave interesting examples and showed how exciting the future will be as not only FSI but other industries will transform. The best use will be applications that leverage distributed ledger technology in their end-to-end business processes and not just for transferring value from one party to another. It’s the tip of the iceberg, the real substance and value lies below the waterline.


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