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Perspectives - Jun 8, 2017

The Future of Work: How to Zoom Out, Zoom In

Building scalable efficiency and scalable learning appear to attractive business strategies - but these are also two rationales that oppose one another.

John Hagel asks the XFIN attendees, "Where is the room to experiment? Learning should be confronting new challenges on the job in the work environment."

Scaling Edges

XFIN has been exploring the evolving worlds of consumer and employee experiences, pivoting leadership's focus on how we must adopt new approaches to problem solving. It starts with education and embracing scalable learning.

Training rooms irrelevant to learning. Learning should be confronting new challenges on the job in the work environment.

Rather than transforming the core, identify a promising edge of the business and use this edge as the potential to scale. Something that could be the new core of the company and focus on scaling this edge. No leader ever will admit to being an enemy of change

Hagel says we can start this process with three objectives:

1. Identify the enemies of change.

2. Identify and strengthen by all means possible the champions of change.

3. Avoid the confrontation between the enemies and the champions of change until the enemies are so weakened and the champions are so strong.

The skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting.
The Art of War

Instead of replacing the core of the business, find the cutting edge and identify the exponential forces in the market. That edge has the power to become the new core of your company. Focus efforts on scaling that edge as rapidly as possible.


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